SDL-News: SDL-2000 nears completion

Subject: SDL-News: SDL-2000 nears completion
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 20:03:40 GMT

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The SDL experts' group have produced a draft of SDL-2000 to be tranlated by
the ITU-T into French and Spanish from the original English, so that it can
then be circulated in the three official ITU langauges and approval can
take place in November.

The English edition submitted to the ITU can be found at:
for ITU TIES Members (userid:password required)

for SDL Forum members (userid :password required).

SDL Forum members are fully entitled to participate in the language
standards group. As well as the SDL standard itself (and further standards
for MSC, SDL with UML, SDL with ASN.1) for approval at the SG 10 meeting in
November, there is also an ongoing programme of work covering further
evolutions of MSC, SDL, SDL pther languages (UML, ASN.1), Methodology, Time
and perfromance issues, and the graphical interchange format for exchanging

To get what you want, you can participate by joining the SDL-Forum society,
THe membership fees start at about 30 dollars a year (60 dollars payable
every two years) for individual membership.

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