SDL-News: Manage a huge model

Subject: SDL-News: Manage a huge model
From: Janos Bauer (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 15:28:17 GMT

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Dear colleagues,

 I work on a feasibility project using SDL language. Our model getting
bigger and bigger. I would like to collect experiences of handling and
testing this kind of big models. I was wondering if we could use the
hierarchical MSCs and/or the new SDT's extended MSCs(you can describe
several logical events in one MSC).
 Our model's size is more than 40000 line in PR format. As we can
predict it will grow over 250000 line. It means more than 1000 MSCs to
describe and test the model.
 The test is also a big question. Is it usefull to test the model from
the lovest part up to highest level or is it enough to pick few levels?
 Thanks for your experience!
 Have a good weekend!


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