SDL-News: PR and CIF in ObjectGEODE

Subject: SDL-News: PR and CIF in ObjectGEODE
From: jean-louis camus (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 15:06:34 GMT

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This message is just intended to provide an answer
about PR and CIF in ObjectGEODE.

For information about SDT ask telelogic;
for info about Cinderella ask Cinderella.

Z100 defines for SDL both a textual (PR) form
and a graphical form (GR).

The basic PR contains all the logical information.

For each construct, Z100 also defines how it should appear
in GR form, but there are some details of the layout such as size,
position, which are not defined by Z100.

Z106 defines CIF (Common Interchange Format);
CIF is basic Z100 PR with inclusion of specific comments,
starting with "CIF" adding some details about the layout
such as size, position,...

When ObjectGEODE loads a model without CIF comments,
it automatically computes a default layout,
which may then be rearranged by the user.

When ObjectGEODE loads a model with CIF comments,
it uses the CIF information to draw the charts.

In all cases, the default storage format for OG is PR with CIF
into files with extension ".pr".
There is also a specific option in the "save as"
command which allows to save without CIF comments.


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