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Subject: RE: SDL-News: PR format
From: laurent DOLDI (
Date: Thu Oct 29 1998 - 11:18:25 GMT

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The .pr file created by SDT when checking an SDL model does NOT contain
layout information (i.e. from this file, SDT does not create GR SDL) :
in fact, they contain references to GR files used to store the SDL model ;
those references are used by the SDT checker to locate errors on the screen
(i.e. when you select an error detected by the checker, a command opens
the SDT Editor and highlights the faulty symbol).

The SDL layout information in SDT is stored (apart from GR binary files
.ssy, .sbk, .spr etc.) in a .cif file.

Concerning this topic (file contents in SDT and GEODE), I have seen
several wrong answers on this mailing list.

As I am using both SDT and GEODE, I know the contents of their files, but I
do not have to give the answers : why not asking to VERILOG and TELELOGIC ?
(you can find their URLs in my web site


At 10:32 29/10/98 -0800, you wrote:
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>For SDT 3.0, two files are created if analysis is completed successfully,
the one with extension .sdl is in "pure" PR format while the one with .pr
extension has layout information.
>M T Chan
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