SDL-News: SDL Forum Society Grant

Subject: SDL-News: SDL Forum Society Grant
Date: Mon May 25 1998 - 19:35:51 GMT

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Dear Colleague!

The SDL Forum Society has decided to offer grants for projects related to
the promotion of SDL and MSC.
The funds will be granted prior to the execution of a project.
The funds will be released subject to milestone reports and other
validation of the progress of the work.

Information can be found at:

An application form can be found at: [June 2013 - link removed - page no longer exists]

Application form should be sent to Oystein Haugen (
 not after 20 June 1998.
We will announce about the accepted projet(s) at the closing session of our
first SDL and MSC workshop (SAM98 -

Best regards,
Yair Lahav
SDL Forum Society

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