Re: SDL-News: Searching Information about coding standard for SDL

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Searching Information about coding standard for SDL
From: Aaron P. D'Souza (
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 23:16:18 GMT

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hello Wilfried:

Wilfried Rosken wrote:
> coding rules to our developers. Does somebody know where such a
> standard is available or where I can get more information concerning
> SDL-coding standards ?

well, we do use SDL coding guidelines in Motorola.
however, i am not sure if i can reveal them to you
because of proprietary information disclosure

but, there is not much to it. our guidelines are
patterned on the C coding guidelines that we use.

i am not aware of any SDL style book available in
the market. however, in all the places i have
worked, coding guidelines have been set by the
software engineers who are involved in developing
software and also by those who are in charge of
setting up software development processes.

i hope that this is of some help.


Aaron P. D'Souza,, (847) 632-4193, Motorola Inc.

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