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Subject: Re: SDL-News: Interface in SDL
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Date: Sun May 10 1998 - 18:12:33 GMT

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At 16:32 +0100 08/05/98, wrote:
>There is no such thing as interfaces in current version of SDL.
>But, I know there is some ongoing work in this area by the ITU study group
>maintaining the SDL language (Q6/SG10).
>The new language concept which is planned for SDL-2000 is called gate types.
>As far as I know gate types shall match some of the concepts found
>in CORBA IDL/TINA ODL which currently are not supported by SDL, mainly
>objects and interfaces. This will make it easier to map an IDL
>specification to SDL which is strong on behaviour specification.
>I'm not sure if the study group is considering UML interfaces in their
>work, but as far as I know interfaces in UML, IDL and also Java are
>pretty much the same thing!?
The ITU are in the process of atandardizing an interface definition
language under Q.2/10 which will be based on the OMG (i.e. UML) and TINA
interface languages. It is the intention of the group that UMG/ITU/TINA end
up with just one interface language. For more details contact (Joachim Fischer).

However, I disagree with Dagbjorn: in my opinion SDL DOES have Interfaces -
they are charaacterised by the communication through gates/channels. The
changes under discussion are to BETTER support the the concept of
interfaces and allow these to be described in a language that can also be
used with non-SDL components.

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