SDL-News: Exported Variables

Subject: SDL-News: Exported Variables
From: Martin v. Loewis (
Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 19:58:50 GMT

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Z.100, in section 4.13, states

"... In case of no *as* clause the remote variable definition in the
nearest enclosing scope unit with the same name and sort as the
exported variable is denoted."

This would indicate that the specification below is correct

system a;
  remote var boolean;
  block b;
    remote var integer;
    process c1;
    dcl exported var integer;

    process c2;
    dcl exported var boolean;

The export in c2 would denote <<system a>> var, as
<<system a / block b>>var has a different sort.

However, the transformation in Annex F.2 will produce an error
in, elab-variables: "Exported variable not of same sort as
remote variable".

Which one is correct?

Any comments appreciated,

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