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Date: Tue Jun 17 1997 - 06:54:19 GMT

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At 09:40 12.06.97 -0700, Edward E Averill wrote:

>I want to react to Steffen Weiss' request by broadening it, a bit.

>I am quite willing to pay a reasonable fee for access, but I want good

>HTML or PDF access to Z100, with good indexing. Nowdays a book is

>a poor substitute for online documentation. So, you guys that can
>influence the ITU -- try to talk them into selling access published on
>CDROMs we software people can use.

An alternative that soon will be available, is the product that SINTEF soon
are on the market with: TIMe - The Integrated Method. This is a methodology
book for the combined use of UML, MSC and SDL.

The product is an "electronic book" distributed on a CD, and contains
language tutorials for OMT/UML, MSC and SDL (plus methodology guidelines,
examples, additional issues such as V&V, Metrics, Process Improvement and
Configuration Management).

The current format is in FrameMaker (for which free FrameReaders for all
common operating systems will be provided for on the CD). In the future we
plan to release it in PDF format (when the conversion software from
FrameMaker is improved sufficiently).

TIMe is a result of the SISU project (see ), and
the electronic book was presented in an early version at the SDL-Forum in
Oslo in 1995. The current version 3.0 was internal to the SISU members, but
version 3.1 will be available to all.

The reason why we haven't broadcast the news and made it available to the
world, is that we are waiting for the ITU to give us permission to publish
extracts from the standards, which is what Edward Averill wants (I
presume). The idea is that the reader gains access to appropriate parts of
the SDL standard by following hyperlinks in the book.

You will not be able to reconstruct the standards by using the TIMe CD, and
not all of the standard(s) is covered, but we believe it will be a useful
on-line help to SDL users.

Our product may be a fine supplement to e.g. an official documentation from
ITU or the SDL Forum Society (ours will most likely not be an official SDL
reference). It will not be free, the price will depend on the number of
potential users, and will lie around 350 ECU for a single user version.
Exact prices will be announced when the have the necessary permission from
the ITU.

We will let the SDL society know as soon as TIMe is commercially available!
Keep posted to an email server near you! In the mean time you may download
the introduction to TIMe from

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