SDL-News: URN tool: jUCMNav 4.1.0 now available!

Subject: SDL-News: URN tool: jUCMNav 4.1.0 now available!
From: Daniel Amyot (
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 17:21:50 GMT

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jUCMNav 4.1.0 is now available!

jUCMNav is a free, Eclipse-based graphical editor and an analysis and transformation tool for the User Requirements Notation (URN). URN is intended for the elicitation, analysis, specification, and validation of requirements. URN combines two complementary views: one for goals provided by the Goal-oriented Requirement Language (GRL) and one for scenarios provided by the Use Case Map (UCM) notation.

Information and download:

Installation/Update via Eclipse (recommended)

Enhancements / Fixes since 4.0.0

This release contains many new functionalities, usability enhancements and fixes:
  • NEW: Major usability enhancements for GRL intentional elements
    • Menu-driven selection of quantitative/qualitative importance values
    • Menu-driven selection of quantitative/qualitative initial satisfaction values in a selected strategy
    • Interactive, keyboard-driven increase/decrease of satisfaction values in a selected strategy
  • NEW: Major enhancements to the handling of user-defined semantic rules and metrics
  • Improved report generation
    • Unified preference page for reporting
    • Reports in PDF/RTF/HTML from the same Report Wizard
    • NEW: More complete set of UCM/GRL elements in the reports
      • Including GRL elements, metadata and URN links
  • Clearer Export Wizard
  • Various bugs and UI-related issues:
Bug Description
695 Undoing the deletion of a GRL diagram while evaluating strategies cause an exception
698 UCM variable enumeration bug
700 GRL evaluation label not long enough
708 Add more default rules/metrics
709 Strategy/Scenario View not notified of file closed
710 Cannot rename groups rules/metrics, and exporting does not ask confirmation
711 Rules should be categorizable as errors or warnings, with appropriate icons
712 Metrics editor should not have a context String or a warning checkbox
713 Null Pointer Exceptions in tabbed properties
714 Null Pointer Exceptions when using intentional element with blank name
715 Event loop exception when adding a diagram

Feedback and contributions are always much appreciated!


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