Re: SDL-News: CIF MSCdocument format specification

Subject: Re: SDL-News: CIF MSCdocument format specification
From: Paul Herber (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2007 - 13:45:26 GMT

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At 14:24 28/06/2007, you wrote:
>Paul Herber at wrote on 28/6/07 13:17:
> > Can anyone tell me where I can find the specification for the CIF
> > mscdocument format files? I'm sure I had something a couple of years
> > ago but I can't find it.
>There is no CIF standard for MSC published by ITU-T.
>There is only the textual syntax for MSC as published in Z.120 and the
>equivalence between textual and graphical presentations is not defined
>formally. The textual syntax for MSC lacks additional graphical information
>of the kind given in Z.106 for SDL.

Thanks Rick. Does that mean that the CIF mscdocuments that I have are
in a proprietary format? Is it a private format or just not (yet) published?
These files are Object-Geode and Tau trace output files.

Regards, Paul Herber, Sandrila Ltd.

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