SDL-News: Results ITU-T meeting Q.11,13/17 Geneva 14-16 Feb 2006

Subject: SDL-News: Results ITU-T meeting Q.11,13/17 Geneva 14-16 Feb 2006
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Mon Feb 20 2006 - 13:03:51 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

The joint meeting of
Study Group 17: Security, languages and telecommunication software

Q.11/17 Specification and Implementation Languages
Q.13/17 System Design Languages Framework and Unified Modelling Language

was held as scheduled at the ITU-T in Geneva Switzerland from 09:00 14 Feb
2006 until 17:00 17 Feb 2006.

The issues to be considered were:

1. Progress on revision to Z.109;

2. Maintenance and revision to Z.100;
   Specification and Description Language

3. Need for eODL;
   extended Object Description Language

4. Progress on Z.111 and Z.119.
   Z.111 Notations to define ITU-T Languages
   Z.119 Guidelines for the development of UML profiles

The meeting concentrated on issue (1), and work was done to progress the
draft Z.109 document.

Work on issue (2) was considered only in relation to Z.109. There were no
new documents submitted to the meeting, but there is outstanding work to be
done from the previous SG 17 meeting.

There was a report on item (3) from the eODL expert group after their
meeting on 09 Feb 2006, and a further meeting of this group before the SG 17
meeting in April 2006 is planned. There was no other input on eODL to the
Geneva meeting. For these reasons eODL was not further considered at the
Geneva meeting.

On issue (4) it was agreed to try to progress these documents to be ready
for consent at the SG 17 meeting in April 2006. It was noted that there is a
issue with Z.111 with respect to a need for multiple inheritance. The
rapporteur was encouraged to submit a document explaining the issue, but
this is considered lower priority than Z.109.

The immediate result of the Geneva meeting 14-16 Feb 2006 is therefore to
continue work on a correspondence basis - in particular on Z.109 and
corresponding changes to Z.100. Correspondence will continue until
approximately 07 April 2006, and a overview document produced for the 19-28
April 2006 SG 17 Meeting. Documents for the correspondence work will be
posted to ftp servers open to the participants.

The results of the meeting and subsequent correspondence work will be
forwarded to the 19-28 April 2006 SG 17 Meeting. Note that is still not
certain that Q.11 or Q.13 will meet during the 19-28 April 2006 SG 17
Meeting because of unavailability of experts for this particular meeting and

The work is the concern of an ITU-T question rapporteurs' expert group and
is open to all ITU-T participants. The rapporteurs may also invite other
experts to attend the meetings as needed, and in particular (following
established practice) Members of the SDL Forum Society and ETSI MTS are
invited to participate. Anyone additional person that wants to participate
in the work should contact Rick Reed <> and
"Thomas.Weigert" <>.

Rick Reed -
Tel:+44 15394 88462 Mob.:+44 7970 50 96 50

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