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Subject: Re: SDL-News: Task Force mailing list copyright
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Wed May 19 2004 - 19:33:10 GMT

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William H. Skelton at wrote on 18/05/04 13:47:

> By the way, just for reference, you have not been 'excluded' from the task
> force mailing list; on the 6th April you wrote to the task force asking for
> your name to be taken off the list. Since then you have declined to accept
> the task force conditions for participation, which I can fully understand
> and do not hold against you in any way. I'm very happy that your extensive
> knowledge is accessible on this mailing list when needed.

Dear William,

With respect to my name being on the SDL Task force mailing list.

I was originally on this mailing list with no conditions attached as far as
I am aware.

I wrote to about the content of the WWW pages
> Please either change the text on the
> WWW page to something like:
> "Task Force Mailing List
> The following are members of the task
> force email discussion list"
> or remove my name from the list.
No-one had informed me of the action taken.

When I later asked about being removed from the mailing list
Amalia Labis of SOLINET at wrote on 15/04/04 10:14:
> We understood that you wanted to be removed from the list.

I replied
> Not really. What I wanted was:
>> "Please either change the text on the
>> WWW page to something like:
>> "Task Force Mailing List
>> The following are members of the task
>> force email discussion list"
>> or remove my name from the list."
> ... where I meant the list on the WWW page,
> but I can now see that this could
> have been interpreted as "remove
> my name from the mailing list".

Amalia Labis at wrote on 15/04/04 14:15:
> I apologize for the misunderstanding.
> Please access our registration form available at
> [NOTE: June 2013 link no longer valid], and your e-mail address will be
> added to our discussion list.
> Your name has already been removed from the list posted on the www page.
I applied as instructed, with a comment that I was prepared to give the
right to copy material contributed but not the copyright.

Amalia Labis at wrote on 19/04/04 08:43:
> From your comments it seems you wish to register to participate in the SDL
> Task Force without accepting the conditions outlined on the registration
> form.

I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that there was no opportunity to discuss the
terms and conditions of being on the mailing list and (at least currently) I
have been excluded. The issue is the copyright condition.

Transfer of copyright is not something that should be undertaken lightly,
especially if the terms and conditions, benefits and protection of copyright
are not clearly defined. In the case of individuals working for most
commercial organisations transfer of copyright will require permission from
their employer. Moreover, some organisations impose copyright on every email
sent from their systems. In the case of some government organisations,
employees are not allowed to transfer copyright. Is it legally possible to
transfer copyright to a consortium of individuals or does the condition
imply transfer of copyright to SOLINET? These details seem to be unresolved.

I was told that this copyright question, had never discussed explicitly
in the SDL Task Force, prior to this condition being introduced.

This may, of course, all be a number of unfortunate misunderstandings.
However, the real issue is the handling of copyright by the SDL Task Force.

Rick Reed -
Tel:+44 15394 88462 Mob.:+44 7970 50 96 50

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