SDL-News: Performance issue with Generic functions

Subject: SDL-News: Performance issue with Generic functions
From: Tao Zhang (
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 20:02:26 GMT

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Hello all,

We are facing serious performance issue for generic functions provided
by SDT4.2 and after, following lists some of these functions. We
developed a SDL system which handles wireless call processing. Our load
testing result show that over 80% CPU is consumed by these generic
functions, CPU resource is run out quickly when increase test load.

  GenericAssignSort(Addr,Expr,AssName, (tSDLTypeInfo *)&ySDL_A)
  GenericEqualSort((void *)Expr1,(void *)Expr2, (tSDLTypeInfo
  GenericFreeSort(P,(tSDLTypeInfo *)&ySDL_SDL_Charstring)

We have done some improvement to cut down the number of generic function
calls, including:
1) eliminating unnecessary sort copies.
2) eliminating usage of list related structures.
3) using customized timing mechanism
4) using pointer/reference for messaging.

But result are not at our satisfaction level, and load testing result
still show 5-10 times worse than legacy task written in C.

I wonder if anyone has suggestion on how to work around this issue ?

Thank you in a advance.

Tao Zhang

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