SDL-News: Plans for the SDL Forum?

Subject: SDL-News: Plans for the SDL Forum?
From: William H. Skelton (
Date: Wed Dec 17 2003 - 23:13:46 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

Writing from the SDL Task Force ( to stay
synchronized, I would like to ask what activities are taking place in the
SDL Forum regarding standardization, amendments to the language, future of
SDL? Is SDL-2000 the end of the road? Does anyone support it?

A few words from the Chairman, or the board, would be helpful outlining
their plans for promoting SDL and cooperating with tool suppliers. Where
do we see the greatest opportunities and challenges? What is happening on
the UML front?

Recently Keith Moss carried out a survey of users in industry and
academia. I would be interested to know the results, if they are to be
made public, and what the board feels the results of this survey could have
as implications for the SDL Forum.

In parallel, can the board publish information about the types of members
in the forum? For example, academia or industry, user, developer or
researcher? No names, of course, but the number of members in each
category would be a start. :-)

A few months ago, I remember a suggestion (from Motorola?) to review what
costs the society expects to have for standardization activities in the
near future. I didn't see anything more on this, but I do think it would
be interesting to know what activities the society expects to have in
general and what the associated costs are expected to be.


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