SV: SDL-News: Doldi's book example with Cinderella

Subject: SV: SDL-News: Doldi's book example with Cinderella
From: Anders Olsen (
Date: Mon Sep 22 2003 - 10:11:28 GMT

Dear Marga,

Cinderella SDL does support the present operator. However, a general rule in
SDL-2000 is
that operators start with lowercase, so the operator name is "present"
rather than "Present".
But this might not be correct. I checked (the (11/99) version of) the
SDL-2000 recommendation and
found that the text defines present starting with upper case. Maybe Rick
could respond about what is correct?


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> Hello,
> I want to use a Choice type in Cinderella, I try Doldi's book example in
> fig:288, it works fine for the data type definition of Msg and assigment
> of a
> value to a variable of that type, m1, but Cinderella complains about the
> implicit field Present. Is it something wrong with the example or
> does Cinderella not support Present? If Cinderella does not support
> Present how can I guess the part of the Choice that is filled?
> Marga
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