Re: SDL-News: Inheritance and Parameters

Subject: Re: SDL-News: Inheritance and Parameters
Date: Wed Sep 10 2003 - 07:58:21 GMT

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Hello Keith,

I suppose that you want to use context parameters in a block type.
Have you tried the context parameter example in fig. 150 and 151
of "SDL Illustrated" ? It is (normally) standard SDL, and should
work in Cinderella (I have not tried).


At 16:58 09/09/2003 EDT, you wrote:
Hello All

I have found it useful to define a package that has a block type that has
parameters. These parameters enable me to use the same structure in
different places in a system having identical behaviour but different
signal names.

I now want to modify the behaviour of the block slightly and wanted to be
able to use inheritance. It this possible if the block has parameters as at
the moment the tool says that it doesn't recognise the signals that are the
parameters. Is there more I need to do when declaring the parameters. If I
don't declare them the tool complains about the being no parameters.

Keith Moss

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