SDL-News: Inputs of Telelogic Simulator UI

Subject: SDL-News: Inputs of Telelogic Simulator UI
From: Yang LIU (
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 07:48:17 GMT

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Hi members:

    I have generated "Application Debug CA" program from Telelogic 4.3 target
expert.I modify the xInEnv() and xOutEnv(). Now I encouter a simulation problem.

    In my xInEnv(), I used scanf to acquire the inputs of keyboard. For
convenience of simulation, Different signal are inputted to SDl due to the
different value of inputs.

   But in Simulator UI, all my inputs are regarded as command. How can I
distinguish between the command and terminal input in Simulator UI?

   Best Regards.
     Yang LIU.

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