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Subject: RE: SDL-News: Code Generator
From: Klein, Tony (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 14:37:09 GMT

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In a previous message, Albert Enshtein [],
> Hello everybody!
> I am using Cinderella to write and simulate SDL
> diagrams. So what tools can I use to generate C++
> code? Please, advise cheap tools.
> Best regards,
> Alex.

I am wondering the same thing, though more interested in C code. How do
people go about
automating the code generation process after getting models to work
correctly? At this point,
unless we discover some method of automation, we're looking at doing a
lot of manual coding
to convert our models into a product.

Cinderella seems to work fairly well as an entry point into the SDL
world, what's the next step.

Tony Klein
NextNet Wireless, Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA

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