SDL-News: Is it another bug in Telelogic SDL4.3 ? (2nd)

Subject: SDL-News: Is it another bug in Telelogic SDL4.3 ? (2nd)
From: Yang LIU (
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 13:34:02 GMT

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hi members:
   I encouter error when I compile C generated by Telelogic SDL 4.3.
It is:
   error C2115: '=' : incompatible types

In C which error in:
     yAssF_SDL_Time(yVarP->z04817_liuNavEnd, ySync_z_macsorts_3E_mNavEnd(
      &yReVR_z_macsorts_3E_mNavEnd, SDL_NULL, (xbool)0, VarP), XASS_MR_ASS_FR);

In correspond SDL(process P1):

Additional note:"dcl liuNavEnd Time" in process P1;
                "remote mNavEnd Time" is defined in system;
                "dcl exported mNavEnd Time" "export(mNavEnd)" are defined
                 in another process P2.

Do I make some mistake?
How should I do to correct error?

   Thank you in advance

     Yang LIU

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