SDL-News: a compile error

Subject: SDL-News: a compile error
From: Yang LIU (
Date: Sun Feb 23 2003 - 17:33:02 GMT

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hi members:
   I just generate C code from my SDL GR with telelogic SDL 4.3
   but when I compile this code, it finds error C2020: 'U2' : 'union' member
   I post a part of my code,
   you can see two members in Union named U2,
   Does anyone experience such similar problem?
   How to correct this?

   Thanks in advance

Best Regards
     Yang LIU
* Function for procedure getElem
* ##SDTREF(SDL,C:\mac\station\getelem.sop(GetElem_1a),116(55,10),1)
  yVDef_z_macsorts_1F3V_getelem * yPrdVarP;
##ifdef XTRACE
  SDL_Boolean yDcn_SDL_Boolean;
  union {
    struct {
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result1;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result2;
    } U2;
    struct {
      z_macsorts_0U_octet1string Result1;
    } U7;
    struct {
      z_macsorts_0U_octet1string Result1;
      z_macsorts_1F_frame Result2;
    } U14;
    struct {
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result1;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result2;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result3;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result4;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result5;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result6;
      z_macsorts_1I_typesubtype Result7;
    } U2;
  } yUVar;


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