SDL-News: signal-delay

Subject: SDL-News: signal-delay
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Sat Oct 27 2001 - 12:00:46 GMT

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From: (Patrik Kessler)
Forwarded by Rick Reed

Dear Sirs!

I have a question with respect to the signal-delays in SDL.
SDL provides signal-delays on channels.

However, the SDL-specification does not contain concrete statements
describing these time durations.

Which tool has implemented this feature without supplement? The tool I know
(Telelogic tau) does not generate signal-delays on channels. This means,
events can take place through Timer Signals at unequivocally times (unique
time points). And this is a contradiction to SDL. In my current project, I
require solid event-times.

With the tool, this modelling would be possible. But, with SDL, this is

Are there any experiences with such kind of problems?

I look forward to receiving your answer.

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