SDL-News: SDL Forum - Recognition by ITU-T

Subject: SDL-News: SDL Forum - Recognition by ITU-T
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Thu Oct 11 2001 - 20:36:14 GMT

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The SDL Forum Society has been working with ITU-T on the evolution of SDL
and MSC since it was formally established in mid-nineteen nineties.

In the meantime ITU-T defined Recommendation A.4 for the recognition and
communication of organisations involved in the development and
implementation of global telecommunication standards. Under these procedures
recognised organisations are listed by the ITU. However, the SDL Forum
Society did not appear on the list, probably because the relationship was
started prior the approval of A.4.

Because ITU-T Study Group 10 has now been merged with Study Group 7 to
become Study Group 17, a letter was sent from the SDL Forum Society to ITU-T
reconfirming the relationship existing between the two organisations. The
result is that Houlin Zhao, Director of the Telecommunication
Standardization Bureau, replied on 4 October 2001 that the SDL Forum Society
is recognised and will be added to the list of qualified organizations.

The rules and procedures of A.4 allow:

a) A Study Group to send documents to a qualified orgnanization - for
example, Temporary Documents, Delayed Contributions and Contributions (see
members downloads on;

b) Documents to be submitted to the ITU-T for consideration at ITU meetings.

Recommendation A.4 can be down loaded at no charge from:

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