SDL-News: Creating SDL process from C code

Subject: SDL-News: Creating SDL process from C code
From: Jayant Kumar (
Date: Sat May 12 2001 - 07:05:15 GMT

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This is a newbie question......
How can I create an SDL process and set it to a defined state, using C
functions that I can add to the env file?
The system in question, has 2 process types, the first one having once
instance created when the system starts and it creates the processes of
the other type as requested.
I am using SDT3.2 and I need to do this independently of the simulator
because i want to test changes made in the SDLs as well as some other C
Is it possible for me to do this(I'm sure it is, but just how
complicated will that be) or would I have to change the function that I
plan to use for setting the state of the process everytime I generate
the code from the SDLs.
Thanks in advance


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