RE: SDL-News: Saving all signals except a few, optimization

Subject: RE: SDL-News: Saving all signals except a few, optimization
From: nicolas Peransin (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 09:27:45 GMT


Is there anyway we can save all the signals except one when we are
in a particular state. I mean, is there some shortcut like the one
for states wherein *(S1, S2) denotes all but states S1 and S2.

> unfortunately, no, this construction does not exist :
> find more in the Z.100 2.6.5 and 4.7

I also want some pointers regarding optimization of code in SDL.
I am not talking about the generation of optimal code from a system
specification. But, how to specify a system using the SDL constructs
in an optimal fashion so that if a code generator is used, there is
no code bloat. I'd be happy to hear personal experiences and any
other inputs, papers, docs, web links in this regard.

>Pointers do not exist in SDL 96 (maybe in SDL2000,
>but there is no tools full-SDL2000). But tools, able to generate code,
>(ObjectGeode and Telelogic Tau SDL suite) can provide you pointers
>(but it is specific for each tool).


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