SDL-News: How to create a "modulus type"

Subject: SDL-News: How to create a "modulus type"
From: Bruneau, Sylver (
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 14:14:55 GMT

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Hello everybody !
I would like to create a newtype that can take values from 0 to 7 with 7+1 =
Actually i use C code to implement modulo incrementation ( the code is like
i=(i+1)%n ) but i would like to implement this in a "all-in-SDL" way !
I tried to use a litteral that can take values from 0 to 7, but if the
variable is equal to 7, an incrementation lead to an "out of range" warning
because of a variable equal to 8.
I tried to use axioms and operators, but i didn't managed to get what i want

Anybody can help ?


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