Re: SDL-News: c header file inclusion

Subject: Re: SDL-News: c header file inclusion
From: Thomas Garsiot (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 17:01:09 GMT

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Anthony Rouaux wrote:

> I would like to know how to include in tau SDL suite, a c header file wich
> contains all the macro definition. My probleme is that i have to insert
> this include in all the generated file by myself.
> Thanks.

To elaborate a little bit, Anthony and I are generating code for Tornado VxWorks with Telelogic
Tau SDL Suite.
The header file we're trying to automatically insert in the generated files is a file that
defines some macros and/or compilation options, such as VXWORKS_INTEGRATION for example.

With a normal header file (e.g any external header file) we could use :
##include "switchs.h"
in a declaration symbol where switchs.h is the header file containing our macros definitions.

But then the ##include would appear in the HEADING Section of the generated file, and here we
need our header file to be included _before_ scttypes.h since some of the macros we define are
used in scttypes.h.

The best would be to have our ##include at the first line of the generated files.

Any idea of how to do that ?

Thx in advance.



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