Re: SDL-News: SDL and temporal logic

Subject: Re: SDL-News: SDL and temporal logic
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 16:50:27 GMT

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Pedro Merino at wrote on 15/12/2000 09:52:
> I am working in the verification of temporal logic properties against
> SDL systems. The idea is to support LTL as a complementary property
> language to MSC.
> I know that the AT&T SDLvalid tool support LTL verification. But can
> anybody give me information about other SDL tools supporting temporal
> logic ?

Can anyone tell me where I can find out about the AT&T SDLvalid tool? I
dont't think that I have never heard of it, and would like to mention it on
the SDL Forum WWW site.

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