SDL-News: Light Integration VS Tight Integration

Subject: SDL-News: Light Integration VS Tight Integration
From: Bruneau, Sylver (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 16:12:57 GMT

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Hello SDL experts,
We have made an experiment about mixing some code generated by Telelogic TAU
(with Cmicro kernel) with the code existing in one of our product. The
choice that have been made was to perform a "Light Integration". So we have
wrote some tasks in SDL, we have filled the xInEnv & xOutEnv I/O functions
and we have changed the Cmicro architecture to allow our RT kernel to run
with the Cmicro kernel. The result (after Cmicro optimisations using the
scaling facilities) is an overall (code + datas) size increase (+20%).
The only way to reduce code seems to be the "Tight Integration", but there
is very few results of such experiments available.
So I would like to know your opinion (or experiences) about "Tight
Integration", mainly in term of code size.


EADS Defence & Security Networks

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