MSC-News: Data Concepts of MSC

Subject: MSC-News: Data Concepts of MSC
Date: Mon Oct 16 2006 - 15:08:32 GMT

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Hi Everyone,

I am new to MSCs; I am reading the latest version of MSC specification
Z.120, published during 11/99. I am interested in data language usage
with MSCs for which I am referring to the part on 'Data Concepts' in
Z.120. I looked at ?MSC Examples? section of Z.120 and got a basic idea
of using 'C' as a data language with MSC. I am also reading Z.121 that
defines SDL data binding to MSC. As I do not have a good formal methods
background it is hard to understand the data binding from these
specifications and moreover there are also not many examples that I can
use to understand the specs. I would like to know if anyone has more
examples related to using C or SDL for data binding to MSCs. I would
also like to know if anyone has used other languages for describing
data in MSCs (except C and SDL). If anyone has pointers to papers or
reports or any information related to data concepts in MSC please let
me know, it would be of really great help to me.

Thank you very much.


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