MSC-News: Future of Z.120

Subject: MSC-News: Future of Z.120
From: Daniel Amyot (
Date: Thu Jul 08 2004 - 14:28:01 GMT

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Dear colleagues,

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During the next ITU-T Working Party C/17 in Geneva (19-21 July 2004), there will
be a discussion on the future of several languages, including Message Sequence
Charts. At the March 2004 meeting, I was appointed Rapporteur for Question O/17
on Requirements Languages, which includes MSC and URN. I would like to collect
suggestions regarding work items related to the MSC standard (Z.120) for the
next study period.

The latest version of Z.120 submitted to AAP in April 2004 received no comments
and hence was approved. Clive Jervis and Rick Reed are currently fixing the
formatting before the final version is released (many thanks!).

What kind of future do you foresee for the MSC standard? At the last SAM'04
workshop in Ottawa ( there was an interesting
presentation given by Řysten Haugen where he compared MSC 2000 and UML 2.0
interactions (see MSC 2000
are more advanced in several areas, but technical merits and usages in practice
(as supported by tools) have shown to be two different things.

In the past few years, I have observed several "extensions" to MSCs which could
be standardized (with a non-exhaustive list of key people, my apologies if I
have forgotten a few names or topics!):
- MSC connectors (Peter Graubmann...)
- New time extensions (Ferhat Khendek...)
- Security annotations (Sjouke Mauw...)
- Different semantics (Bill Mitchell, Nic Goga...)
- Testing aspects (Ina Schieferdecker, Paul Baker, Dieter Hogreffe...)

And some additional topics
- Profiling MSC (ŕ la UML), e.g. with new data bindings
- UML 2.0 profiles for MSC
- etc.

In your view, what should be our priorities and (more importantly) who is
willing to contribute time and efforts to address these issues?

Please reply quickly, i.e. before Saturday evening. I will be on vacation from
July 10 to July 25. Jacques Sincennes will replace me at the WP C/17 meeting,
but I would like to prepare a summary and send it to ITU-T on Sunday morning.

Thank you in advance.



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