MSC-News: Informational messages (a.k.a. printf debugging) in MSC

Subject: MSC-News: Informational messages (a.k.a. printf debugging) in MSC
From: Cris Fuhrman (
Date: Mon Jan 12 2004 - 18:49:01 GMT

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Is there a way (standardized or specific to Telelogic Tau SDT 4.4) to
generate informational messages in an MSC when it is produced in the
simulation (or validation) of an SDL model?

For example, when informal SDL decisions are made in simulation or
validation, it would be useful to have feedback (the equivalent of a printf
message in C) in the corresponding MSC. I realize that good names for states
are the best way to see what's going on, but sometimes having a state for
each decision is not practical.

I tried putting 'message to output' statements in SDL task symbols, but
nothing shows up in the MSC. For what it's worth, SPIN/PROMELA permits this
with the MSC: prefix on standard output messages. I'd like to be able to do
the same thing in Tau SDT.

Thanks in advance,


p.s., If you're experiencing 'd�j� vu' with respect to this message, it's
normal. I had sent it last summer to the MSC list, and I�m sure to have had
at least one response from a helpful person. However, because of a hard
drive crash, I lost about two weeks of emails in August, and the answer was
surely there. It's not in my head anymore, which is the more important
problem! There seems to be no record of it in the MSC list archives

Prof. Christopher Fuhrman
�cole de technologie sup�rieure (ETS)
+1 (514) 396 8638

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