MSC-News: MSC-2000 update

Subject: MSC-News: MSC-2000 update
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Thu Nov 15 2001 - 21:10:20 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

At the SG10 meeting in September 2001, a Corrigendum to the MSC-2000 was
agreed for approval

The final text submitted to the approval procedure was prepared by the Clive
Jervis (Rapporteur for the MSC study in ITU-T) and is currently being
circulated for comment. Provided that there are no objections by ITU members
this Corrigendum will be In Force in a few weeks.

The Corrigendum contains a list of changes to the text of Z.120 the MSC-2000
standard. ITU-T will not be publishing Z.120 with these changes inserted,
but this document has been prepared and is available from to SDL Forum
Society members in the members area. You have to be a member to access this

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