MSC-News: MSC grammar

Subject: MSC-News: MSC grammar
From: Yanko-chiquito-vich (
Date: Thu Oct 21 1999 - 10:44:54 GMT

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    Dear people at the MSC-News forum:

    I'm working on a project which involves MSC and the translation of
its text code to SDL text code. Unfortunately I have the whole SDL
grammar definition but not the MSC one.

    I have tried unsuccessfully to find it in Internet, and for that
reason I make this help request. If anyone could send it to me I would
really thank you.

    It would also help me any information related. I guess it will be
very hard that anyone could send me the whole grammar, and for that
reason it could anyway help me a draft or a link which could help me.

    Thank you for your help and patiente anyway

    Jacobo Gallango Escolano

-----End text from Yanko-chiquito-vich <> to mscnews -----
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