MSC-News: Incomplete messages

Subject: MSC-News: Incomplete messages
From: Dmitry Zhukov (
Date: Wed Aug 19 1998 - 13:00:34 GMT

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Dear MSC community,

I have a question of incomplete message events in MSC'96.
Consider the following example from Recommendation Z.120,
section 6.6:

msc failure; inst Initiator, Responder;
  instance Initiator;
    condition Disconnected shared all;
    in ICONreq from env;
    set T;
    out ICON to lost Responder; /* output event */
    condition Wait_For_Resp shared all;
    timeout T;
    out IDISinf to env;
    condition Disconnected shared all;

  instance Responder;
    condition Disconnected shared all;
    in ICON from Initiator; /* input event */
    condition Wait_For_Responder shared all;
    condition Disconnected shared all;

As described in section 4.3,

  An incomplete message is a message which is either an output
  (where the input is lost) or an input (where the output is

But in the example above the input is specified for the
lost message ICON. How should one understand this example ?
Is it correct ?

Best regards,

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