MSC-News: Agenda ITU-T Q.9/10 meeting 14-16 October

Subject: MSC-News: Agenda ITU-T Q.9/10 meeting 14-16 October
From: Oystein Haugen (
Date: Sat Sep 06 1997 - 09:45:36 GMT

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To: ITU SG 10 Members and MSC experts of the SDL Forum Society
From: ITU Q9/10 Rapporteur, O. Haugen, Ericsson AS, Norway

Draft Agenda and Schedule Expert Meeting Q9 Lutterworth October 14. -
16. 1997

Tuesday 14. AM Registration of contributions and participants
                        Formal Semantics
Tuesday 14. PM Decomposition

Wednesday 15. AM Joint session with Q6
                        SDL-2000 formal semantics, data, CIF, Method
Wednesday 15. PM Control Logic

Thursday 16. AM General Maintenance and miscellaneous
Thursday 16. PM Summary and Minutes

The focus on special topics of formal semantics, decomposition and
control logic is due to experience gained through early uses of MSC-96.
It has been pointed out that for practical use there is a need to modify
the MSC definition on a few crucial issues of decomposition and control
logic. We have already determined that the Annex B (formal dynamic
semantics) of MSC-96 should be finally decided in the next study group
meeting in spring next year. We will use this opportunity to make sure
that the editing work of Annex B proceeds according to plan.

There will be documents made available on the informal ftp server for
of TIES and on SDL Forum Society member area for members of SDL Forum

Reminder about actions agreed at the Geneva meeting targeted for the
Lutterworth expert meeting.

Some of these points have already been performed and distributed on the
<> expander list, but we expect to have
contributions on this for Lutterworth. Those of you who are interested
in MSC should make sure to enter the <> exploder.
Find out more by sending a mail to <> containing
in the body text the only word HELP.

The following tasks were identified at the May meeting in Geneva for
contributions to be produced for the Lutterworth meeting:

Associate Rapporteur for Maintenance
Contribution to describe general order relation interfaces.

Associate Rapporteur for Maintenance
Contribution to describe create-line interfaces.

Associate Rapporteur of Maintenance
Contribution which seeks to resolve the problems concerning conditions.

Associate Rapporteur of Maintenance
Contribution for the resolution of create and stop within inline

Contribution to resolve semantics of dangling events.

Associated Rapporteur for Maintenance
Contribution which unifies MSC references and MSC inline expressions

Associate Rapporteur for Formal Semantics
A clear and formal semantics for the interpretation of substitution.

Associate Rapporteur of Maintenance
Contribution on the substitution of timers and conditions.

Produce a contribution on continuations and connected operands of
interdependent expressions.

Contribution to include text definition/area in HMSC.

France Telecom
Contribution on MSC architecture

Updated Master List of Corrections

Update Open Item list organized in special topics

Associate Rapporteur for Formal Semantics
Contribution on semantics of disruption and interrupt

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