MSC-News: ITU-T Q.6,9/10 meetings 14-16 October

Subject: MSC-News: ITU-T Q.6,9/10 meetings 14-16 October
From: Rick Reed TSE (
Date: Fri Sep 05 1997 - 18:21:49 GMT

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Dear Colleagues,

Telecommunications Software Engineering (TSE) is pleased to confirm that we
are arranging to host two concurrent meetings of Q.6/10 (SDL) and Q.9/10
(MSC) in Lutterworth, England from 14 October to 16 October 1997. This is
as proposed during the meeting of Study Group 10 in Geneva, 28 April - 06
May 1997.

The meetings are scheduled to start at 09:30 on Tuesday 14 October and
finish mid-afternoon on 16 October (to allow participants time to travel
the same day).

Both the meetings are official ITU Study Group 10 Question rapporteur
meetings and the results of each meeting will be submitted to ITU-T as

Experts representing ITU-T members and (because of the established
relationship) members of the SDL Forum Society, do not (of course) need a
personal invitation, but should inform the question rapporteur that they
will be attending and of any contributions they are making. The rapporteurs
specifically extend the welcome to other SDL and MSC language experts that
may not normally be able to attend ITU meetings, but such experts should
contact the respective rapporteur so that they can be officially invited.

The details of each meeting will be provided the rapporteurs:

     Q.6/10: Rick Reed <>
     Q.9/10: Oystein Haugen <>

together with information on how to submit and receive the documents to be
discussed at each meeting. The morning of 15 October is reserved for a
joint meeting, but it is expected that the actual scheduling will be


The location for the meetings and for hotel accomodation is:
The Greyhound, Market Street, Lutterworth, Leicestershire, LE17 4EJ.
Tel: +44 1455 55 3307. Fax: +44 1455 55 4558.
The hotel has a history as coaching Inn.

Please make you hotel bookings direct with the hotel quoting "TSE Ltd" as a
reference. The price for bed and breakfast is 46.50 per night for a single
room. Can you also let TSE know what booking you have made. We have agreed
with the hotel that room bookings will be made as soon as possible and no
later than 01 October. Rooms in the hotel are subject to availability, so
you should ask your booking to be confirmed. If there is a problem contact
TSE and we will make alternative arrangements.

So that the meetings can start on Tuesday, you will need to arrive by
Monday evening, 13 October.


Lutterworth is a small town that is quite easy to reach by car, but is a
little more difficult to reach by public transport. It is about 50
kilometers East of Birmingham Airport, and 160 kilometers from Heathrow by

If you can - fly direct to Birmingham Airport. There is a free bus link to
the railway station (Birmingham International) at the airport. From there
you can take a train to Rugby (in the direction to London). This costs
about 4.00 pounds for a one way ticket and the journey takes 25 minutes BUT
the trains are not very frequent (about once per hour) and make sure that
the train stops at Rugby - otherwise you may end up in London! From Rugby
you will need to take a taxi (there are usually some waiting outside the
station) to Lutterworth - a distance of 12 Km - it should cost about 10.00

It is also possible to take a taxi direct from Birmingham airport. I think
there is a fixed fare for Lutterworth, but I expect it is between 35 and 45
pounds - about the same as a one day car hire (at a discount rate). If
several people are arriving at about the same time then we can arrange for
a taxi from Lutterworth to meet you at Birmingham - this will cost about 25
pounds. The journey by car takes about 40 minutes.

If you are flying to Heathrow then you can take the Underground to Euston
station (at least 1 hour), a train to Rugby (one more hour plus the time
waiting for the next train perhaps another hour) and the taxi from Rugby.
It is much easier to hire a car and drive (if you don't mind driving on the
left): from Heathrow get onto the M25 in the clockwise direction going
North until you reach the M1, then drive North on the M1 until you reach
junction 20 (Lutterworth). How long it takes to reach junction 20 varies
with the traffic: 2 hours is normal. When you leave the M1 - follow the
signs to Lutterworth, turn right at the traffic lights (there is a new road
being constructed here - so there may be a little confusion), drive up the
hill. The Greyhound is on the left at the top of the hill. Parking is not a
problem when you know where to go, but I expect you will need to stop
nearby then ask in the hotel where to park.

A further possibility is to take a taxi from Heathrow to Lutterworth. This
will take the same time (or even longer) as driving and the cost will be
expensive. However, the Lutterworth Taxi company charges me 62 pounds to go
to Heathrow, so if several people share a Taxi this could be cost
effective. By comparison the return journey by train is about 45 pounds.

There are (of course) many other possibilities, but if participants notify of their travel arrangements, then we can try to act as
co-ordinator for joint travel.


If you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact

Rick Reed, TSE Limited
13 Weston House, 18-22 Church Street
Lutterworth Leicestershire LE17 4AW United Kingdom
Tel +44 14 55 55 96 55; Fax +44 14 55 55 96 58

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