[SDL Forum Society - Logo] Tutorial on SDL-88
Belina, Hogrefe (edits Reed)

11. References


This is the original set of references for the tutorial, and have not been updated.

  1. <CCITT Recommendation Z.100: Specification and Description Language SDL, Annexes A-F to Z.100. 1988. (Blue Book, Volume VI.20 - VI.24, ITU, General Secretariat- Sales Section, Places des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 20)
  2. Second SDL Users and Implementors Forum, Helsinki March 1985, Finnish PTT.
  3. Saracco, Tilanus: SDL '87 State of the art and future trends (North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1987) (Proceedings of the Third SDL Forum)
  4. CCITT Manual: Guidelines for the application of Estelle, LOTOS and SDL, 1988. (ITU as above, it is also available as an ISO manual and as the book Using Formal Description Techniques by Ken Turner)
  5. Roberto Saracco, JRW Smith, Rick Reed: Telecommunications system engineering using SDL (North-Holland, Amsterdam, 1989)
  6. SDL Newsletter (Editor Ferenc Belina, Telelogic AB, P O Box S-203 12 Malmo, Sweden)
  7. Anders Rockstrom: An introduction to the CCITT SDL, 1985 (Telelogic AB, P O Box 4148, S-203 12 Malmo, Sweden)
  8. Ehlig,Mahr Fundamentals of Algebraic Specification (Springer Verlag, Berlin, 1985)
  9. ISO TC97/SC21: LOTOS - A Formal Description Technique Based on the Temporal Ordering of Observational Behaviour, ISO/IS 8807, 1988


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