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5.2 Channel substructure

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This feature is not supported in SDL-2000.

To get an exact representation of the way in which a signal is conveyed, in some cases it may be necessary to represent the way a channel behaves. This is done by considering the channel as an item on its own having its environment the two blocks it connects. Looking at the channel in this way, the channel can be partitioned into blocks and channels.

In SDL/GR, the channel substructure is represented by the channel substructure diagram, as shown in figure 31. Here, the channel CBI is partitioned. Its substructure diagram is referenced by the rectangle containing the name CBI. The channel substructure diagram is similar to the block substructure diagram (except for the connections to blocks, in this case B1 and B3, instead of channels).

wpeD.gif (7130 bytes)

Figure 31 Partitioning a channel

A channel substructure is a shorthand, and is transformed before interpreting the system definition.

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