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3. Process definition

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This section introduces the language constructs used for the process definition. In SDL/GR, a process definition is called process diagram. In Process diagram examples two complete process diagrams are given, belonging to the Daemongame example, introduced in previous sections. For a more complete explanation of the process concept, see also Process communication.

A process diagram usually contains the following elements:

Process name;
Formal parameters;
Variables definitions,
Timer definitions;
Procedure definitions;
State graph of the process (to define the process finite state machine).

Most of this elements are described in the following sections.

Similar to the system diagram, the process diagram may contain other elements, like signal list definitions, macro definitions and data types definitions.

3.1 States and transitions
3.2 Variables
3.3 Decisions
3.4 Signals and data
3.5 Timers
3.6 Create and stop
3.7 Procedures
3.8 Process diagram examples

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