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Board Meeting, Tel-Aviv, 12-13 Jan 1997

Date and Time: 12 - 13 Jan 1997

Location: ECI, ISRAEL

Organizer: Amardeo Sarma

Taken by: Yair Lahav


First and Last Name Title Organization
Amardeo Sarma Chairman SDL Forum Society
Rick Reed Treasurer SDL Forum Society
Philippe Leblanc member (V.Encontre) Verilog
Daniel Vincent   CNET
Anders Ek   Telelogic
Yair Lahav   ECT Telecom Ltd.

Apologies: the current secretary, Birger Møller-Pedersen, was unable to attend.


Report on the current situation

Overall, banks, credit cards

Payment means - MasterCard and VISA cards are accepted.

Bank account status - ~14.500 DM.


We have some profit from the last SDL Forum.

The relationship between an SDL Forum organizer and the society must be defined (as a guideline).

6 members paid


Site maintained with Microsoft FrontPage.

We are looking for an SDL& MSC tutorial to be included in the Web site.

We had ~650 hits during 3 months.

The role of ‘sdlnews’ mailing list: promotion, limited advertising and announcements.

A members only area will be created. It will include information to be seen by members only.

SDL Forum Conference

Deadline for technical papers 15 Jan

Received & expected papers: 50

Each Program Committee (PC) member receives 5 papers to be reviewed.

Deadline for the papers evaluation: 20 Feb.

PC Evaluation meeting: 24 Feb., INT, Evry.

Tutorial on MSC: Oystein – Merged with the SDL tutorial (to be confirmed)

Tutorial on SDL: Yair with the assistance of Rick and Oystein

Society activities and responsibilities

Amardeo suggests a new board members / structure:

Chairman - Yair

Treasurer - Amardeo

Secretary - Oystein

Spokesman / Relations - Telelogic and Verilog

co-opted member of the board:

Q6 Rapporteur

Q9 Rapporteur

SDL Forum Organizer


Any member may stand apply to be selected to the board, or may be nominated as a candidate by any suggest other member.

Brainstorming on relationship with ITU-T including recommendations for next members meeting

Mailing list mechanism for SDL/MSC discussion (outside ITU).

Publish a request form for SDL/MSC change / new idea.

To check the response to the above option, we should ask Ian Ellsberger.

We could post a “promotion” message on the news group ‘comp.specification.misc’

Joint meetings (SDL Forum society and ITU SG10) should be discussed in the next ITU SG10 management meeting.

Change to the Constitution

The following changes were approved:

Proposals which officers of the Board should have, and the role of the SDL Rapporteur and other SG 10 SDL-related Rapporteurs in the Board (e.g. for fast protocol development)

Suggestion (Amardeo) to make it sufficient for any two of the officers to officially represent the SDL Forum Society to avoid delays

Next Meeting

The SDL Forum society will meet again at the end of April or beginning of May in Geneva (During to ITU SG10 meeting).

Action Items

Item Person Responsible Deadline
Statement of the bank accounts Rick Next meeting
History of the relationship between a forum organizer and the society Rick ASAP
Relationship guide line (Forum organizer and the society) Amardeo and Rick ASAP
Agenda for the SDL Forum PC meeting. Amardeo Before 24 Feb.
A set of slides for presenting the society Philippe (Verilog)

Andres (Telelogic)

A skeleton - next meeting
SDL/MSC Tutorial Yair and Oystein Suggest - Mid of Feb.

Complete - May.

SDL/MSC change form page (WEB) Yair ASAP
promotion message (comp.specification.misc) Yair ASAP

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