Society Annual Meeting Geneva 1998-03-30

SDL Forum Society Annual Meeting 1998, Geneva 1998-03-30

  1. Participants

    Name Member Organization
    Asplund, Svante personal
    Docekal, Jan Telelogic
    Geppert, Birgit personal
    Gotzhein, Reinhard personal
    Haugen, Řystein personal
    Kossmann, Heinz Siemens AG
    Lahav, Yair personal
    Luukkainen, Matti personal
    Mitschele-Thiel, Andreas personal
    Olsen, Anders personal
    Reed, Rick TSE Ltd.
    Rudolph, Ekkart personal
    Sarma, Amardeo personal
    Vincent, Daniel France Telcom
    Weigert, Thomas personal
    Willcock, Colin personal
  2. Reports

    The meeting was held 1998-03-30 in Geneva. The SDL Forum Society Chairman, Yair Lahav, led the meeting and the society secretary Řystein Haugen took the minutes.

    Annual Report

    The chairman, Yair Lahav, presented the annual report.

    Ekkart Rudolph raised some criticism concerning the access of SDL Forum Society member area from the general open web-site. He was also not content with the way the MSC pages were maintained. The question whether the SDL Forum Society should take the MSC pages over from University of Eindhoven was raised.

    Financial Report

    The treasurer, Amardeo Sarma, prsented the financial report. In general the finances of the society is in very good shape.

    A financial report from the SDL'97 venue in Paris, France has not yet been received. It was emphasized that the board should make sure to receive a budget from the SDL'99 organizers (Univ. of Montreal). A written contract regarding responsibilities and financial arrangements of the SDL'99 should be signed well in advance of the conference.

    The 1999 budget will appear soon.

    Acceptance of financial report

    The annual meeting accepted the financial report subject to the scrutiny of Heinz Kossmann (Siemens) and Anders Olsen.

  3. Ideas for money spending activities

    The meeting decided that the board is authorized to spend 5000 DEM on projects for the strategic promotion of SDL and MSC. The members are encouraged to contribute proposals for such projects.

  4. Elections

    The current board was reelected by acclamation.

    The board continues to consist of Yair Lahav (chairman), Amardeo Sarma (treasurer), Řystein Haugen (secretary).

  5. SDL Newsletter

    It was decided that the SDL Newsletter should be discontinued. Rick Reed will inform the British Library to discontinue the ISSN series and ask for corresponding registering of electronic publications.

  6. Next meetings

    The next ordinary annual meeting will be held in conjunction with the SDL'99 Forum in Montreal in June 1999. An extraordinary meeting will presumably take place in connection with SAM'98 in June 1998 in Berlin.