save (Z.100)

Concrete graphical grammar

<save area> ::=
<basic save area>
| <remote procedure save area>

<basic save area> ::=
<save symbol> contains [ < virtuality >] <save list>

<save symbol> ::=

<save list> ::=
{<signal list> | <asterisk save list>}

<asterisk save list> ::= <asterisk>

A <state> may contain at most one <asterisk save list>. A <state> must not contain both <asterisk input list> and <asterisk save list>.


The saved signals are retained in the input port in the order of their arrival.

The effect of the save is valid only for the state to which the save is attached. In the following state, signal instances that have been "saved" are treated as normal signal instances.


A <basic save part> or <basic save area> which contains <virtuality> is called a virtual save. Virtual save is further described in §6.3.3.

An <asterisk save list> is transformed to a list of <stimulus>s containing the complete valid input signal set of the enclosing <process definition> or <service definition>, except for <signal identifier>s of implicit input signals introduced by the additional concepts in §4.10 - 4.14 and for .i.<signal identifier>s contained in the other <input list>s and <save list>s of the <state>.