transition (Z.100)

Concrete graphical grammar

<transition area> ::=
[<transition string area>] is followed by
{ <state area>
| <nextstate area>
| <decision area>
| <stop symbol>
| <merge area>
| <out-connector area>
| <return area>
| <transition option area> }

<transition string area> ::=
{ <task area>
| <output area>
| <set area>
| <reset area>
| <export area>
| <create request area>
| <procedure call area>
| <remote procedure call area>}
[is followed by <transition string area>]

A transition consists of a sequence of actions to be performed by the process.


A transition performs a sequence of actions. During a transition, the data of a process may be manipulated and signals may be output. The transition will end with the process entering a state, with a stop,with a return or with the transfer of control to another transition.