process type diagram (Z.100)

Concrete graphical grammar

<process type diagram> ::=
<frame symbol>
contains {< process type heading >
{ {<process text area>}*
{<type in process area>}*
{<macro diagram> }*
{<process type graph area>
| <service interaction area> }}set }
is associated with
{{ {<gate>}* {<graphical gate constraint>}*} set }

<process type graph area> ::=
[< start area >] { <state area> | <in-connector area> }*

<type in process area>::=
<service type diagram>
| <service type reference>
| < procedure diagram >
| < graphical procedure reference >

<process type reference>::=
<process type symbol> contains
{[< virtuality >] <process type name> }

<process type symbol>::=



A <process type definition> defines a process type. All process instance sets of a process type have the same properties as defined for that process type.

The complete valid input signal set of a process type is the union of the complete valid input signal set of its supertype, the <signal list>s in all gates in the direction towards the process type, the <valid input signal set>, the implicit input signals introduced by the additional concepts and the timer signals.

Signals mentioned in <output>s of a process type must be in the complete valid input signal set of the process type or in the <signal list> of a gate in the direction from the process type.