signal list (Z.100)

A <signal list identifier> may be used in <signal list> as a shorthand for a list of signal identifiers and timer signals.

Concrete textual grammar

<signal list definition> ::=
signallist <signal list name> = <signal list><end>

<signal list> ::=
<signal list item> { , <signal list item>}*

<signal list item> ::=
<signal identifier> | ( <signal list identifier> ) | <timer identifier>

The <signal list> which is constructed by replacing all <signal list identifier>s in the list by the list of <signal identifier>s or <timer identifier>s they denote, corresponds to a Signal-identifier-set in the Abstract grammar.

The <signal list> must not contain the <signal list identifier> defined by the <signal list definition> either directly or indirectly (via another <signal list identifier>).

Concrete graphical grammar

<signal list area> ::=
<signal list symbol> contains <signal list>

<signal list symbol> ::=