typebased block definition (Z.100)

Concrete graphical grammar

<graphical typebased block definition>::=
<block symbol> contains
{<typebased block heading> { <gate>* }set }

<existing typebased block definition>::=
<dashed block symbol> contains
{ <block identifier> {<gate>* }set }

<dashed block symbol>::=




The <gate>s are placed near the border of the symbols and associated with the connection point to channels.


A typebased block definition defines Block-definitions derived by transformation from a block type.


A <textual typebased block definition> or a <graphical typebased block definition> is transformed to a <block definition> which has the definitions of the block type as defined by <block type expression>. The number of derived <block definition>s is specified by <number of block instances>.

An <existing typebased block definition> can only appear in a subtype definition. It represents the block defined in the supertype of the subtype definition. Additional channels connected to gates of the existing block may be specified.