Richard Sanders; SINTEF Telecom and Informatics

Richard graduated from the University of Trondheim, Institute of Informatics in 1984, Mastering in Computer Science and Telematics. He worked for 3 years as a consultant with Computas (now a part of CAP Gemini), developing embedded software for communication systems using SDL/SOM, and working on a CASE tool for SDL (DASOM).

Richard worked at Stentofon (now Stento) from 1987 to 1994 as designer and later software manager, developing a new generation communication exchange, where automatic code generation from SDL was introduced in 1988, to our knowledge the first industrial project to do so. Stentofon were participants of the SISU project from the start.

Richard joined SINTEF in 1994, where he has been working with development methodology (in the SISU project and in Mechatronics), and as a UML/MSC/SDL designer in industry projects. He is currently occupied with introducing TIMe to Ericsson Norway. Richard also lectures at the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim (NTNU).