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TC_User RailwayCrossing V2 TestCase_UserPrecedence
Test the strategy: "User controls the gate

     initially no trains on track 

     1 slow tracks with durations (120, 30, 45, 5, 10); 
     trains are created in 90s intervals 

     1 fast track with durations (90, 15, 30, 5, 10); 
     trains are created in  210s intervals 

     car gate leaving duration = 2s, 
     car arriving duration  := 5s 

 User Interaction: (time, action)
     0 (initially): User opened the gate
     550: User closed the gate
     595: User wants to open the gate, action was rejected
     675: User opened the gate
     885: User closed the gate

 The raw data can be found here

 The x-axis shows the time in seconds, the y-axis shows the remaining distance to leave the crossing area in percent of the total area. 

 Track 1: 

 Track 2 (fast track):

 Number of Cars: 

Excerpt from logfile:
 The requirement to reject the opening of the gate, if there is a train inside the two sensors, was logged in the logfile, which consists the communication between the controlers and the user interface, realized by a java panel.
In the logfile, it reads at time 595:

(obj1)-> obj1 setStrategy UserHalt at 595.425571924 (Thu Jan  1 01:09:55 1970)
(obj1)<- obj1 Warning, action rejected at 595.427942996 (Thu Jan  1 01:09:55 1970)
The first line signs the setting to UserHalt, and the second line shows the reaction of the controler, the rejection of this action. The reason for the rejection can be determined in the first figure. It shows, that at this time for example, train 2 of track 1 was near the gate, and therefore, the gate has to be closed.

Track Average waiting duration 
track1 36.7%
track2 40.3%