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TC_TP RailwayCrossing V2 TestCase_TrainPrecedence
Test the strategy: "Trains take precedence

     initially no trains on track 

     1 slow tracks with durations (120, 30, 45, 5, 10); 
     trains are created in 90s intervals 

     1 fast track with durations (90, 15, 30, 5, 10); 
     trains are created in  210s intervals 

     car gate leaving duration = 2s, 
     car arriving duration  := 5s  

 The raw data can be found here.  

 The x-axis shows the time in seconds, the y-axis shows the remaining distance to leave the crossing area in percent of the total area. 

 Track 1: 

 Track 2 (fast track): 

 Number of Cars: 

Track Average waiting duration 
track1 0.0%
track2 0.0%